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My name is Lilia Birem. My message to you is that all that you currently experience in your life is only but a reflection of your inner world. All that is present or missing in your life, either good or bad, is but a manifestation in perfect alignment with your beliefs about yourself and the world...    read more


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Wednesday, October 02, 2013
There is no Truth that sticks around for long

What I have found is that trying to take one thing that is true for you right now in this very moment and apply it to any other moment in your life, will inevitably give rise to a lie.

Truth never repeats itself twice. It is always changing as our consciousness and circumstances are always changing and evolving. The key is to be present and connected in. That inner presence will guide you to the right choice for you.

To make a decision the mind looks for "known" information and data from the past. However, whatever happened in the past only applies to the past. The past cannot repeat itself because with every moment that passes, you become a different person with a different perception, while surrounded with a different set of circumstances energetically and physically.

Life is not about avoiding repeating the past. It is about extracting the lesson from those past experiences and bringing this new knowledge to what lies ahead. It is not about avoiding the present, trying to protect yourself from the present. It is about walking into the present with greater wisdom, depth and a new intention to grow closer to being your Higher Self.

So when a familiar and seemingly tricky and less than ideal situation presents itself to you, do not systematically avoid it. You may want to consider walking... read full blog

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